Chris Burrows is a groove machine assembled within the factories of Sterling Heights, MI. From the very beginning, he was exposed to and intrigued by music of all genres, which has inspired him to adapt techniques and a taste applicable across many projects and ensembles.  As a session drummer, his percussive work with the international avant-garde metal collective,  Coma Cluster Void, has been featured on Metal Injection, Gear Gods, Metalsucks, and ItDjents covering the debut of the band’s first full-length, “Mind Cemeteries”. As a live drummer, you can catch him on tour with Nashville recording artist, Alan Turner.

His local drumming credits include tracking two EP’s for the versatile prog-rock act R.O.P., the epic prog-metal “Invicta”  LP for Vihaan, and the cavernous “Brennenburg” LP for Thoren. If you have any interest in booking him for a session, you can find  out more about gear and rates here.

As an instructor, he taught many students across southeastern Michigan in highschool drumlines for seven years.  He offers online Skype lessons and also posts content to his YouTube channel. Check out his rates and contact information for private instruction.

Classically trained, Chris can pretty much pick out and transcribe anything rhythmically from drumset to rap verses. You can check out transcriptions of his own material, or request him to transcribe something for you!


“…though the rhythms can often be quite chaotic, Burrows reins it all in like a champ and makes sense out of all the sonic onslaught.”

– Ultimate Guitar

“The drumming absolutely boggles the mind with its complex array of rhythmic busts that seem to conflict with, and compliment, the rest of the instrumentation.”


“Now wrap it all up with Chris burrows, that guy [can play]. I have more respect for Chris after listening to this album than I ever did before.”

– Badger’s Metal Breakdown

“..mind-breaking drumming…”

– Metal Trenches

“Drummer Chris Burrows is powerful and yet refined, utilizing his skills, by playing fast and heavy while changing it up to not take it off the rails…”

– Empire Extreme

“Chris acts as something of the rhythmic shamanic-guide of the band; navigating through the labyrinthine structure of Coma Cluster Void’s music with expert precision.”

– Pyramid Noise

“Mind Cemeteries features the (in)human drumming skills of Chris Burrows, making sure the percussion matches the oppressive, sometimes claustrophobic atmosphere of the string section”

– The Monolith