Key Yes

Rockin’ in Key West has been a blast! The 4 – 6 hr gigs were a bit rough, but a great opportunity to get tight with the band, even through electronic issues, snare baskets failing, bent brushes, and cell phones falling behind stage! Never thought I’d be in 76 degree weather, surrounded by palm trees in the middle of February! The local roosters certainly lack discretion at reasonable times to cocka-doodle-do, leaving me to wonder if they wouldn’t mind to cocka-doodle-don’t. I think I spotted a chicken crossing the street to get some Key Lime Pie.

Our roomate Pyper was pretty cool, we did some yoga and ate some vegan stuff, and the 50% off quesadillas were pretty rad! Also can cross off my bucket list playing a gentleman’s club, since I got a full view of a the employees riding the mechanical bull and working the pole on the dance floor!
(didn’t miss a beat either!)

Danced with a cute bartender, which rekindles the need to learn salsa dancing! Had fun interacting with street toilets and buskin on the beach! Came out net positive from what most people would consider a vacation… just gonna have to play high score tetris to get all of the equipment back to MI! Might be leaving Friday, and damn does it seem way too soon already!

Trip Soundtrack

“Poop in a Jar” – Hayseed Dixie
“America, Fuck Yeah!”
“Death to All But Metal” – Steel Panther
“Bitch Better Have My Money” – Rihanna
“Beggin’ For Thread” – Banks

Trip Quotes

“Worldwide Action”
“Below the Dick”
“Country Hell and the same 3 Chords”
“4 Shots”
Illegitimate Chicks
Edward Ice Cup Hands (Playing Djembe Unmiked)
Heyo Pangea

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