Advanced Assclowns & Space Punch

Had a smangin’ time in Minnesota! Everyone in the band (AT) has no shortage of passion and talent, which is a great feeling to have people equally invested in capturing the highest highs of a demanding 4 hour set!

Totally tweaked my back in over-excitement trying to get out of the van for Taco Bell, and it’s been quite the learning experience in trying to balance physical health with the hefty demands of rock n’ roll XO! tour Llif3.  Fortunately, the kinship with the musical people in my  life has proved to be an incredible support system! Grappling with some serious soreness in my left hand has prompted me to adjust my technique for the better, and I don’t think I would have had the necessary insight without watching Alex Cohen and Kenny Grohowski shredding through their high velocity gigs. Still got plenty of work to do on that though…

Also, got everyone amped up trying to death growl in the van!! 😀

 Notable Tour Memes:

– “Can’t say I’m offended by the consumption of crabs, I’m not Episcopalian.”

She’s taking my nickels, but worth a dime (+99)
I wonder if she’d give me her number
So I could give her my chunk of change (two cents)

– Girl in Toll Booth #2

Advanced Assclowns, Basic Bitches, and Gurl Bai antioxidants

Space Punch; getting high on Midochlorians

Getting so drunk you shit your pants:
Browntown Johnson, The Sharting Star, Poops McGee

Also…. It’s important to Diversify:

Lyrics to improve any song:

Notable Tour Jams:

Gyorgy Ligeti – “Requiem”
Morton Feldman – “Triadic Memories”

Turquoise Jeep – “Lemme Smang It”
Opeth – “Deliverance”

Jinjer – “Pisces”
Tunde Olaniran – “Let Me Go”
Steam Powered Giraffe – “Honeybee”

Michael Kiske, Amanda Somerville – “Silence”
Symphony X – “Wicked”

Banks – “Fuck With Myself”

Randy Travis – “Forever and Ever, Amen”



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